Age Group : 2.5 to 3.5 Years

Duration :  2.5 Hours per day

"Crayon" - Nursery Group Children are now settled and quite accustomed with their CASA DEI BAMBINI. They have already started their inquisitive journey of learning in CHALK i.e. the lower standard class of CRAYON. Perspectors at this stage initiate curiosity and the method of penetration in the kids through various innovative activities. It is the high time for them to consume the idea how to form letters and shapes and the Perspectors at Little Georgians rearing up the blooming buds with utmost care and their inner potentials by encouraging them to different skill related activities. Slowly but steadily Children are growing up here for the next lap.

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Key Areas in Crayon Curriculum


Activities Involved

Learning by exploration

Building communication skills

Encouraging positive peer interaction

Theme based Concept Time

Math Readiness

Language Readiness

Opportunities for fine and gross motor development

Promoting cognitive development


Sensory Time

Story Time

Water Play

Sand Play

Creative Time

Library Time

Celebration of festivals and special days

Field Trips

Puppet shows and skits

Free Play with Technology Corner