Please bring the following things at the time of admission.

  • Birth certificate for age proof

  • Three stamp size photographs of the child

  • One stamp size photograph of Father and mother each

  • One stamp size photograph of two other guardians- if needed

  • Transfer Certificate (if applicable)

  • Medical history record.

Admission Procedure

  1. Parents are invited to fill out the Admission form and return it to the school.
  2. Please ensure that the Required. Documents are brought to the school during admission. See the list below.
  3. For all other queries, parents are requested to schedule a meeting with the school coordinator.

Parents’ Input

Parents are welcome to make constructive suggestions for the improvement of procedures, policies and practices adopted by the Preschool. But the final decision is to be implemented by the authorities of LITTLE GEORGIANS as our aim is to maintain uniformity and world class learning methodology, fun and games. We ensure your child under our care and you can simply enjoy, watching your child’s growth.


The approved fee structure is available at every LITTLE GEORGIANS Preschool vide a FEE CARD. Please contact the admission counselor for a copy of the same.

Fees collection

Fees should be paid by a cheque or demand draft in favour of LITTLE GEORGIANS only.


After a child is admitted in LITTLE GEORGIANS no admission amount in part or full will be refunded under any circumstances.

Welcome Kit

Every child is entitled to a welcome kit at LITTLE GEORGIANS. This kit is given to every child as per the enrolled program.

Welcome Kit Contents

  • Language Book
  • Number Book
  • Theme Book
  • Rhymes Book
  • Note Book
  • Drawing Book

  • Vernacular (if applicable)

  • Almanac

  • Continuous Assessment Cards

  • Escort Card

  • ID Card

  • Bag

  • Uniform

  • Socks