INF Methodology

At Little Georgians we follow a unique teaching methodology. It is the combination of the philosophy of Rabindranath, Montessori and Reggio’s Inquiry based learning. The INF method has been designed especially for Little Georgians by our experienced research and development Team to enrich our faculties with the best pre-school teaching practice.

I - stands for inquiry based learning. Reggio method enhances the curiosity among the children. Children are harnessed with presumptuous knowledge to inquire. Our experienced Perspectors are skilled enough to empower the children to acquire the above skills.

N - stands for learning amidst the cordial touch of nature where the nature is the guiding force , the inner spirit of both flora and fauna. Here Learning happens more spontaneously and gleefully. Philosophic Rabindranath eulogized and inspirited students to learn in nature by following its basic guidelines. At Little Georgians we are aspiring and soaring up to grasp the ideology of the cosmopolitan poet’s philosophy to imbibe nature-mingling holistic development of learning and thus nature is omnipresent at Little Georgians.

F - stands for Freedom taken from Maria Montessori’s philosophic view on education. She believed that freedom given to children can make learning process faster and more enjoyable. She has designed multi-functional equipments to enhance different skills of the children. She eulogized the development of physical, mental, cognitive and social skills where freedom can perform the role of a catalyst to enhance these skills. Thus Little Georgians has adopted the freedom methods to widen the best potential in every child and empowers the perspectors to implement this methodology.